Dendrobium Spring Dream gx nobile 'Apollon' (1 branch)

Dendrobium Spring Dream gx nobile 'Apollon' (1 branch)

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Dendrobium nobile is part of the Orchidaceae family and its native range of the species is Nepal to S. China and Indo-China. It is a pseudobulbous epiphyte or lithophyte, growing primarily in the subtropical biome.

Dendrobium Spring Dream is a hybrid of Dendrobium Constance Wrigley × Dendrobium Thwaitesiae that was registered in 1965. Nobile Dendrobiums are considered easy to grow but they’re sometimes hard to bloom. The flowers of ‘Apollon’ are showy and white with a fresh scent.

Their canes are tall and some prefer to stake them in order to keep them upright; in nature their growth is pendulous. Towards the end of flowering the canes will drop their leaves; the leaves turn yellow and develop black spots as they drop, this is completely normal. When spring arrives, new growth and foliage emerge from the base.

Genus name comes from the Greek dendron meaning tree and bios meaning life.

Light: Bright light; east or west facing, even a south facing windowsill with some shelter in summer.

Water: During spring and summer they are actively growing versus in the winter when they take a break from putting out vegetative growth. It’s important that Dendrobium have a cool and dry period during winter in order to encourage a rebloom.

Potting mix: A potting mix combining bark, perlite and some horticultural charcoal. Dendrobiums prefer to be in smaller pots, keeping their roots confined. Repot every 2-3 years, depending how the potting medium degrades.

Fertlising: During spring & summer (active growth) use a well balanced fertiliser weekly but at one quarter of its recommended dilution. Omit fertilising during winter.

Temperature: A difference in day to night temperatures is important. Daytime temperatures 16-21˚C+ during summer; providing the potting medium is fast draining and airy, you can water often and feed regularly. Night time temperatures of 4-10˚C during the winter, with little to no watering.

Humidity: Dendrobiums would prefer humidity over 50%.

Dendrobium are non-toxic.