Goodyera daibuzanensis

Goodyera daibuzanensis

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Goodyera daibuzanensis is part of the Orchidaceae family and its native range is Taiwan. They are commonly referred to as 'Jewel Orchids' due to their spectacular foliage. It is a small sized Jewel Orchid with a rhizomatous growth habit. It grows as a terrestrial orchid on forest floors at elevations of 700-1600m. Leaves are around 5cm long, elliptic to oblong in shape and grow in a rosette formation, they are green with silver mottling.

Genus name was given by Robert Brown in dedication to John Goodyer (1592–1664), early English botanist, who assisted Johnson in his edition of Gerard's Herbal.

Pot: ø 9cm.

Height: Approximately 15cm.

Light: Indirect light or shade, between 400-800 foot-candles.  

Water: This plant prefers evenly moist potting mix or sphagnum moss. When kept in high humidity it won’t need watering as much. 

Potting mix: A mix of coco coir, pine bark and horticultural charcoal  (50:40:10). Goodyera have a rhizomatic growth habit so it is best to pot them in shallow pots. 

Fertilising: Feed monthly during the growing season or when you observe active growth. You can use half the recommended dilution rate but never add more.

Temperature: 14-18˚C.

Humidity: Higher humidity is best (80%), these plants work well in a terrarium. You can increase humidity by placing the plant on a watered pebble tray, under a cloche or using a humidifier.

Blooming information: Flower spikes emerge from the centre of the stems, producing numerous white flowers that open partially, the dorsal sepal and petals forming a hood over the column, they usually last a couple of weeks. You can cut them back when they are spent. 

Unable to find concrete information about whether or not this plant is toxic, other Jewel Orchids are non-toxic but use your own judgement regarding placement.