Ludisia discolor var. alba

Ludisia discolor var. alba

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Ludisia discolor is part of the Orchidaceae family and is native to Southern China, Indochina, Malaysia and Indonesia. This terrestrial grower is commonly referred to as a 'Jewel Orchid' due to the beautiful foliage. Leaves are ovate, dark green with copper venation, and leaves have a velvety texture. Ludisia discolor flowers during autumn and winter, they produce small white blooms which have a distinct pleasant smell.

Specific epithet is Latin, meaning ‘of two colours’, this is in reference to the leaves.

Light: Position in indirect light where it won’t necessarily see the sun. Between 400-800 foot-candles.

Water: This plant prefers evenly moist potting mix, when kept in high humidity it won’t need watering too frequently.

Potting mix: A mix of coco coir, pine bark and horticultural charcoal would also work (50:40:10). Ludisia have a rhizomatic growth habit, it is best to pot them in shallow pots.

Fertilising: Feed monthly during the growing season or when you observe active growth.

Temperature: 15-30˚C.

Humidity: Ludisia discolor prefer higher humidity, ideally 70% with good air circulation. To increase humidity, grow under a cloche but lift at least once a day to allow air to circulate. This plant would do well in a terrarium too.

Ludisia discolor is non-toxic.