Plant and Book Christmas Bundle

Plant and Book Christmas Bundle

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Looking for the perfect gift for a houseplant lover? We've got you covered. This gift bundle includes;

Monstera deliciosa are part of the Araceae family and are native to Southern Mexico and Central America. Juvenile plants have cordate leaves without fenestrations, new leaves emerge from an adjacent petiole and are protected by a petiolar sheath. As Monstera deliciosa mature, new leaves emerge from cataphylls, you will also notice a geniculum (this allows the leaves to rotate a little in order to gather more light) directly under the leaf blade where the leaf meets the petiole. Monstera deliciosa are truly epiphytic and scandent climbers, using their adventitious roots to support their climb.

Genus name is possibly from the Latin ‘monstrum’, meaning monster or ‘monstrifer’ meaning monster-bearing. Specific epithet means delicious and this in reference to the fruit produced by this plant.

Light: Bright indirect light, meaning the plant sees the sun for 0-4 hours per day - this could be through trees or a translucent curtain, it’s important for the plant to see the sky in order to thrive. 

Water: Allow the first 2-3 inches of mix to dry out, pour water slowly over the top and allow the water to pass through the drainage holes.

Potting mix: A well draining mix composed of coco coir, perlite or vermiculite, orchid bark and worm castings.

Fertilising: Feed your plant every few waterings during the growing season or when you observe active growth. You can dilute fertiliser to half the recommended amount but never add more.

Temperature: 18-27°C. No lower than 15°C.

Humidity: Monstera deliciosa prefer humidity greater than 60% but do well to adapt to average home humidity. You can increase humidity by placing the plant on a watered pebble tray or using a humidifier.

Monstera deliciosa are toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.