"The New Plant Parent"  Book by Darryl Cheng

"The New Plant Parent" Book by Darryl Cheng

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For indoor gardeners everywhere, Darryl Cheng offers a new way to grow healthy house plants. He teaches the art of understanding a plant’s needs and giving it a home with the right balance of light, water, and nutrients. After reading Cheng, the indoor gardener will be far less the passive follower of rules for the care of each species and much more the confident, active grower, relying on observation and insight. And in the process, the plant owner becomes a plant lover, bonded to these beautiful living things by a simple love and appreciation of nature. The House Plant Journal Handbook covers all of the basics of growing house plants, from finding the right light, to everyday care like watering and fertilizing, to containers, to recommended species. Cheng’s friendly tone, personal stories, and accessible photographs fill his book with the same generous spirit that has made @houseplantjournal, his Instagram account, a popular source of advice and inspiration for thousands of indoor gardeners.



"‘The New Plant Parent’ is THE MOST realistic plant- care-guide-book on the market.

Author Darryl Cheng incorporates relatable, concise metaphors, and examples, that give aspiring plant parents all the tools necessary to approach caring for their plants with realistic goals and expectations."


"This is a FANTASTIC book for anyone who wants to learn the basics of taking care of plants, and it has enough depth that I think it’d be of value to folks who are seasoned plant parents too.

I have been overwhelmed for years with plant care and so always avoided it, but after reading this book for just a few minutes I immediately felt empowered to get started."

'Most informative plant book out there!!!'

"THIS BOOK is by far the most informative plant book I have ever read. Not only are there many great tips, but a lot of basic knowledge on understanding how plants work for them to thrive.

Things that many plant people may not know. PLUS general care for many different plants. Seriously buy this book. It’s worth it."