Tradescantia Zebrina "The Wandering Jew"
Tradescantia Zebrina "The Wandering Jew"
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Tradescantia Zebrina "The Wandering Jew"

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This easy to care for plant is part of the Spiderwort family and is also known as Zebrina pendula or the Inch Plant. It has colourful foliage of silver, purple and green which brighten up any room as a hanging or trailing indoor plant, and leaves that clasp the creeping or trailing stems.

Pot: 15cm

Height: Approximately 20cm from base of pot


Are Wandering Jew plants easy to care for?

Wandering Jew plants are easy to care for, they root easily and thrive in a variety of different conditions. Unlike some other houseplants, this plant is resilient to many conditions, so it’s a perfect choice for someone new to keeping plants, or who doesn’t have much spare time. 

How do you care for a Tradescantia zebrina?

Care for a Tradescantia zebrina by regularly watering during the growing season. Misting can also help keep the plant healthy when the weather is at its warmest. This plant should also be pruned to encourage bushy growth. They should be kept inside, but they don’t need to be kept warm. 

How do you prune a Tradescantia?

Prune a Tradescantia by pinching out any growing tips and remove all green shoots as soon as they appear in order to encourage bushiness and keep it looking tidy. As the plant matures its vines can get very long and leggy. Regular pruning prevents this from occurring and keep it in check. 

Is Tradescantia Zebrina poisonous?

Tradescantia Zebrina is toxic, but not aggressively poisonous. The sap in the Wandering Jew plant is slightly caustic, and could cause skin irritations for humans and pets, so it’s best to keep it out of the way of children or animals. There are pet-friendly plants that can be more suitable for a family home. 

Is Tradescantia Zebrina a succulent?

Tradescantia Zebrina has succulent stems, however it is not classed as a succulent plant as it does not have thick, fleshy parts which retain water. Although this plant can grow in a variety of conditions, it will not thrive in the arid conditions that succulents are known for living in. 

Why do they call the plant a Wandering Jew?

The name Wandering Jew is rooted in 13th and 17th-century religious pamphlets, however, the plant’s ability to easily root and thrive in different environments has been positively compared to the story of Moses and the Israelites wandering the Sinai Desert. 

Do Wandering Jew plants need sunlight?

Wandering Jew plants thrive best in plenty of bright indirect light. For example, in front of a window that receives sunlight throughout the day. The more bright indirect light the plant gets, the brighter and more attractive the leaves will appear. 

Is Wandering Jew annual or perennial?

Wandering Jew is a perennial plant, which means that it will not die off after the main growing season is over. If watered regularly, kept in moderate conditions with plenty of indirect sunlight, this plant should live for a very long time.