Tulipa linifolia 'Red Hunter'

Tulipa linifolia 'Red Hunter'

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Tulipa linifolia is part of the Liliaceae family and its native range is NE. Iran to Central Asia.'Red Hunter' is a dwarf perennial bulb growing up to 20cm tall,with narrow grey-green leaves. Scarlet-red flowers appear in mid-late spring. 

Genus name comes from the Dutch or German tulpe, French tulipe coming from the Turkish tülbent meaning ‘turban’ and from the Persian word dulband meaning ‘turban’; from the resemblance of the flower to a turban. The specific epithet comes from the Latin linifolia meaning ‘with leaves like flax’.

Pot: ø 9cm.

Height: Approximately 10cm from base of pot. 

Light: Full sun with some shelter; South–facing or East–facing.

Water: Allow the soil to dry a little between waterings to prevent the bulb from rotting.

Potting mix: Well-draining mix containing loam and sand.

Fertilising: Feed every other watering during the growing season. 

Temperature: Around 15˚C is when the bulbs begin to sprout and 18˚C is when they flower.

Pruning: Deadhead after flowering.

Tulipa linifolia are toxic, keep out of reach of pets and children.