Xerosicyos perrieri

Xerosicyos perrieri

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Xerosicyos perrieri is part of the Cucurbitaceae family Native range is Madagascar. It grows primarily in the desert or dry shrubland biome. It is a climbing succulent vine with thick, succulent round leaves, in its natural environment vines can reach up to 5m. It’s also known to grow as a scrambling kind of shrub over time and will develop a small caudex. Flowers are small and pale yellow. 

Genus name comes from the Greek xeros ‘dry’ and sicyos ‘cucumber’ - it is in the same family as the cucumber. Specific epithet comes from the pseudo-Latin for any of several naturalists named Perrier. 

Terracotta pot: ø 13cm.

Height: From base of terracotta pot it is 35cm.

Light: Allow the plant to see the sun for as many hours of the day as possible; avoid direct, intense afternoon sun by sheltering this plant below a larger plant.

Water: These plants are very drought tolerant, allow the potting mix to almost dry out completely in between waterings. Keep fairly dry over winter.

Potting mix: Cacti or succulent potting mix is ideal. You can amend our regular potting mix with sand, pumice or horticultural grit up to 50% to improve drainage. Re-pot every 2-3 years.

Fertilising: These plants are not heavy feeders, you could dilute fertiliser to half strength and feed monthly if you wish to give it a boost. 

Temperature: 18-26˚C. They can handle temperatures as low as 10˚C in winter.

Humidity: Average humidity is fine.

Xerosicyos perrieri are not known to be toxic.